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#hairhacks How To Chain Braid Your Hair

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

A couple of years ago, an exciting new hairstyle appeared on the runway and fashion fans everywhere breathed a collective sigh of ‘How did she do that!?’ Well, we’re going to tell you and you’re going to do it even better. In 2015, the Dona Karan NYFW show blew up Pinterest, after a model walked the runway wearing a cool chain link braid.

It looks fairly simple at first glance. You could easily mistake this style for a basic French braid. Once you catch a glimpse at the sides though, you can see that it’s a lot more intricate. The so called ‘chain link’ braid really does resemble the pieces in an interlocking chain. It’s quirky, fresh, and guaranteed to spice up your braiding routine.

To find out how to master it, keep reading our step-by-step guide to creating a flawless chain braid hairstyle.

Step One: Divide the Hair into Four Sections

Like usual, you need to divide your hair into the correct amount of sections before you start. This ‘do needs four, which can be rather fiddly, but it gets easier with practice. It also helps if you hold them with your hand underneath the hair, palm facing away from the neck.

Step Two: Start Crossing the Sections

With your free hand, reach over and pluck the second and fourth sections from your palm. They need to be crossed over so that they become the first and second sections. Repeat this move again, but with the first and third sections. They should be crossed until they are in the position of third and fourth.

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Step Three: Repeat and Replicate

Once you’re sure that you’ve got this part right, you can begin braiding proper. It is tricky and, with it being an entirely new braid arrangement, you’ll likely have to have a few tries. Just remember that you’re repeating the process from hand-to-hand.

After step two, pick up section two and place it between your thumb and forefinger on the hand that is mostly stationary. Then, place section four between your forefinger and middle finger. Then, section one moves between your middle finger and ring finger and section three moves between your ring finger and little finger.

Step Four: Finish the Rest of the Chain

You should speed up a little as you get to the movements, but don’t worry about taking it slow and being meticulous. If you get a link in the chain wrong, you’ll have to go back and fix it, so precision is essential here. Keep braiding until you reach the end of your hair. Secure with a clear elastic band.

Step Five: Pull Gently and Stretch It Out

Once you’ve tied it off and the braid isn’t going anywhere, take two fingers and just very gently tug on it to stretch the shape and form out – this will encourage the chains in the link to look better defined and striking. Whether you want to add a cute hair accessory or spritz with hairspray is up to you. If your tresses are looking quite shiny and healthy already, we’d probably swap the heavy hairspray for a little bit of gel or wax to keep those wispy front bits tame and in control, either way you’re good to go! It may take some practice, but persevere and you’ll be looking amazing in a matter of minutes!

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