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#hairgoals How To Halo Braid

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

The halo braid is one of those classic hairstyles that tonnes of ladies want to try, but feel too intimidated about approaching. They might be able to rock a flawless Dutch braid, but they baulk at the prospect of taking it just a little further and switching up the look. For a lot of woman, the main culprit is time. They get up early in the morning and can’t think of anything worse than tackling a fiddly new ‘do.

Well, the trick to perfecting a hairstyle like this one is practice. So, if you’re ready to learn how to halo braid like a pro – and look better than Amanda Seyfried and Sienna Miller combined – the best approach is to spend some time getting the steps right when you have a free afternoon. Once you’ve got a feel for them, it really will take you 20 minutes to get your braids ready in the morning. And, you’ll be ready to wow at any time of the day.

This simple guide to creating a halo braid will help you put together a hairstyle that is stylish, elegant, and ultra-feminine.

Step One: Try Skipping Wash Day

Like most updos, the halo braid works best with one or two day old hair, so if you can bear it, don’t wash your locks the night before. The more natural oils that are present, the easier it is for the hair to grip and hold. This means that you want to avoid stripping all of that good stuff out, because the style will hold for much longer. You can, however, use dry shampoo for extra texture if the thought of going without a wash makes your toes curl. Of course, you can use this tip on hair extensions too, particularly if you want to use them fresh ‘out of the box.’

Step Two: Section off the Hair

First, you need to divide your hair into two sections. If you do want to wear extensions, they need to be attached at this point for styling. The majority of the hair should be kept in one grip or tie, but the hair right across the very top of your head (from the top of your ear to your forehead) needs to be sectioned off. Brush it, in one direction, so that it extends smoothly from one side of your head to the other. This is the start of your halo braid.

Step Three: Start Winding and Braiding

Start with the lengths of this extended section and begin braiding in a sideways fashion. This might sound tricky, but it is really no different to regular braiding. The only difference is that you’re moving across your head instead of downwards. The next part is pretty tricky though, so listen carefully. You need to use a standard three section braiding technique for two turns of the braid. Only after two turns should you incorporate a French braiding technique.

Step Four: Keep Up the Pattern

Do your best not to disrupt or upset this pattern, because mistakes will be really noticeable and you might have to start again. Remember; two standard braids, followed by a French braid, and repeat. The braid needs to be moving along your forehead, behind your ear, and across the nape of your neck. Once you’ve reached your neck, let the back section of your hair loose and start incorporating it into the braid. It’s awfully fiddly at first, but it become second nature once you’re used to going through the movements.

Step Five: Finish the Look

Keep braiding right around the nape of your neck and back up towards your ear, where you originally began. You should now have that signature ‘halo’ shape and the end will tuck neatly behind the fattest part, at the front of your head. Secure it tightly with a grip or slide. Spritz with a long hold hairspray and you’re ready to hit the town, high street, office party, or anywhere else you want to dazzle.

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