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Hair Extension Myths – BUSTED

When it comes to hair extensions, there are a few commonly believed myths surrounding them. We’ve taken the main concerns we hear most frequently and debunked them!

– Hair extensions will ruin my hair

When hair extensions are applied correctly, they will not damage your hair at all. We stock four different kinds of hair extensions at Cliphair – these are clip-ins, weft/weave, micro bonds and pre bonded extensions. If these are applied by a qualified professional (aside from clip-ins, which can be applied yourself), your own hair will be perfectly healthy while you’re wearing extensions. In fact, extensions can be great if you want to let your own hair grow, but disguise how short it is while it’s growing! Always check the qualifications of your hairdresser before having permanent hair extensions applied.

– Good hair extensions are really expensive

At Cliphair, we aim to provide the best quality hair at the most competitive prices. You don’t need to spend thousands of pounds on hair extensions to get a gorgeous and long lasting style. When choosing which hair extensions to buy, the most important thing to consider is what grade the hair is. At Cliphair we stock AAA Remy human hair. It really is worth spending a little extra and going for human hair extensions as opposed to synthetic, as these will last much longer and will also look much more natural.

– Everyone will be able to tell I’m wearing hair extensions

The best way to make your hair extensions super undetectable is to ensure you have a perfect colour match with your own hair. We offer a free colour matching service, so customers can either send us photos, or snippets of their own hair for matching. If you have highlighted hair, we also sell mixed shades, which blend really well for a flawless finish. If your hair is particularly hard to match, it can help blending two sets of different shades. Another factor to consider when wearing hair extensions, is thickness. It’s really important that the thickness of the hair extensions matches with your own hair. If you have thin-medium hair, a full head set of extensions should blend well with your hair, but if you have thicker hair, or you want to create the illusion of thicker hair, it’s best to go for two full head sets or a double wefted set.

– You can’t style your hair easily with hair extensions

You can easily style your hair when wearing extensions. The great thing about clip-in extensions is that you can take them out of your hair if you like to wash it regularly and use deep treatments and conditioners on your hair. If your hair extensions are 100% human hair, you’ll be able to style them just like your own hair – with curling tongs and straighteners.

– You can’t have hair extensions if your hair is fine

If your hair is fine you are the perfect candidate for permanent extensions. Both pre bonded and micro ring extensions are virtually undetectable, while clip-in extensions contain small and flat clips which have a silicone strip on them, meaning they stay firmly in place, even in soft, fine hair.

– You have to use special products on your hair extensions

Providing your hair extensions are 100% human hair, you can use the same products that you use on yourself. As the hair no longer receives nutrients from the scalp, it’s a good idea to use a really moisturising product to keep them soft and silky, but you don’t need to fork out for expensive specialist products.

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