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Hair Care: Tape In Hair Extensions


Have you just bought some of our brand new tape in hair extensions? Well done. These babies are the new trend in hair fashion and we can see why. They are silky, glamorous and easy to put in. we get what we expect when we are getting these beauties but like most things in life, if we want it to keep working we have to work it. Sometimes, I know, we don’t want to put the work in or get turned off if we don’t see the pay off straight away. Today I am going to share some tape in care secrets so you see the payoff for your TLC work and keep your extensions looking and feeling like new.




Hair cleansing

We want to re-tape our extensions again and again so that means we need to keep them nourished. They don’t have the natural oils that your own hair has so when you wash them so you don’t want to dry them. Clarifying shampoo prior to getting tape ins is extremely important but once those extensions are in wait 2 days before you wash your hair again so that it sticks ok. This is actually the average amount of time you should leave between washes so you don’t dry your tape ins out and damage the tape. When you are conditioning (if you don’t, please start) don’t condition near your roots. a. you have natural hair oils so you don’t need to and b. it will make your extensions slip so only condition from the mid section to the ends.






Extensions are literally an extension of your own hair so think of your tape in extensions hair care exactly the same. Let me explain if your extensions are made of good quality human hair you can expect it to act like your natural hair would. like your natural hair, you don’t want to be too hard on the extensions and you should brush them daily. If you have an extension brush or a rubber detangling brush use it! We don’t want to rip the strands so gentle brushes like these and hold the roots of your extensions so that you don’t pull on the bonds. A massive hair hack with tape ins is to never brush them when they are wet. Weird I know but trust me.




Choose your products wisely

Ok, so I mention wise product choice a lot. It is not just important for your hair health but also for the longevity of your extensions. The two main thins you want to avoid in all your products are sulphates and alcohol. Why? Sulphates rip the natural oily layer we have to protect our hair and leave hair, including on you extensions, weak. Have you ever drank too much and been really thirsty the next day? That is because alcohol is extremely drying so if you don’t want brittle and lifeless locks, avoid. A big plus for your extensions is to use a heat protecting spray/serum before styling.



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