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Gorgeously messy updo tutorial


Messy styles have been so on trend the last couple of years but we have mainly seen this with either messy buns or a down look. I love messy looks but you do not need to stick to the same 2 looks. Here, I want to share with you this amazing messy updo. I tried it out for the first time a couple of months ago.

It is so much fun and it is great for those lazy days (or as I like to call them, Sundays). If you want a little bit of a Sunday vibe this a Saturday amount of glamour then this tutorial is perfect for you! A little bit of fabulous with a lazy girl’s effort is the best combination. Keep reading this step-by-step tutorial and don’t forget to show it off by #wearcliphair.



Step number 1: preparation

This style is perfect for second or even third-day hair. Begin by adding some dry shampoo to your roots to help you get away without washing your hair today and to help give you that little bit of extra volume. Brush your locks so they are tangle free before you add your Cliphair extensions for extra length and volume. This is a heat-free look but I would still say to add some serum to the end of your hair to prevent dryness.


Step number 2: create your style

Make sure that you have small, clear elastic hair ties you are going to use quite a few. Using a fishtail comb divide your hair into 5 equal vertical sections. Create a ponytail with each of these sections along the nape of your neck. As you create your mini ponytails make sure you don’t pull your hair all the way through the last time so you end up with 5 large loops.

Add a little texture spray to your loops and scrunch them in. Separate these large loops into numerous smaller loops. Twist these mini loops and pin them to your head with bobby pins. Repeat this with all of your mini loops and spray with some hairspray. Your loops will be at different heights, that is fine it adds to the ‘messy’ effect.


Step number 3: finish the style

If you are just going out with a few friends there is no harm in leaving this look as it is. In fact, due to the position, it looks great with a hat too. If you are wearing this out for the night or going to a festival I would definitely say backcomb your roots a little from the top. It will add to the textured effect and give you extra height. Going to a festival why not add some glitter or a flower garland to complete your look.


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