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Gorgeous twisted bun tutorial

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

Buns are gorgeous both when you are at work or by the pool. Buns are perfect for workout, well most are. You can wear this twisted style at the gym but it is so stunning, I don’t know why you would with this elegant, chic and effortless look. I have seen brides and beach babes alike rocking this look. No matter who you are this will look amazing on you. You can use your Cliphair extensions to get fuller hair and extra length that will look amazing with this style. If you love twisted styles as much as me and want some inspiration to keep reading this step-by-step tutorial and don’t forget to #wearcliphair.

Step number 1: Preparation

Textures hair is going to the key to adding some interest to your style. If you are coming from the beach this may be natural and you want to need to do anything which sunflowermaids.com official website. For most of us, however, we will need a little help. Tease your roots before dividing your hair into rows and adding a full set of Cliphair extensions. Gently tease down your hair then add some texture spray and scrunch it in. this will give your hair are really ‘worn in’ look. I would divide your hair into rows to make this the most effective.

Step number 2: Create your bun

Now you have your hair prepared it is time to create your base. To do this you will need to split your hair into two equal sections. Like a lot of styles that are popular at the moment, knotting your hair is one of the main elements of this style. So, grab your two sections and loop them into a knot. You don’t have to make it too tight at this point. If you want to make this a bit more special you can tease your crown a little bit more so you have a bit more body. twist these two sections towards your head to add a bit more interest. You are going to make these sections into a wreath-like shape. Take the top section and start to angle into a half-circle, don’t hold back on the bobby pins if you are going out dancing and want to keep the perfect shape. If you want to have face-framing strands of hair pull them out now. To finish this look just add a bit of hairspray.

Katie O’Connor

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