Gorgeous scarf style that is perfect for spring


Spring is a season that we like to bring out our carefree bohemian side. This is definitely the case with the loose waves and intricately braided looks that we see everywhere. It is also great to experiment with accessories. Flower crowns are always popular but if you want something you can wear almost anywhere and look fabulous try incorporating a scarf into your style. This style is brilliant for an easy way to work a scarf into your style. Keep reading this step-by-step tutorial to get a gorgeous and easy scarf look for spring and #wearcliphair.


Step number 1: preparation

This style is best with wavy long locks. So to begin this, add your Cliphair extensions from your ear level down, and brush them so that they blend. You need to make sure that your hair is properly protected with the heat protecting serum before you grab your curler. Divide your hair into inch sections to make this easier. Once your curls have cooled run your fingers through them to break them up into lovely waves.


Step number 2: create your base

The base of this style is a topsy-tail ponytail. To create this create a central part then gather your waves into a low ponytail. Tug the sections that are on your head so that it does not become flat. Create a separation above your hair tie and loop your ponytail up and through the gap. Repeat to create a twist and pinch to create volume.


Step number 3: add the scarf

The scarf is the final piece of this style. This style could look great by itself but the scarf will help you turn heads and create some serious hair envy. I find satin scarves the best as they are good for your hair, easy to use and have some amazing colours that look great in your hair. I use colours that either link in with a part of my outfit or my eyes. This is a great way to make this hairstyle to go with your whole look as well a being a stand-alone head turner.

Take your scare and fold it in half. Next, wrap it around your head from the underneath. Instead of securing it in the top of your ponytail secure it on top of your head and create a knot. Use bobby pins to help you keep it in place. Tuck the ends underneath and pin them there so they don’t fall out.

That is it! There are a million variations you can create but this is great for beginners. If you don’t want your hair to look too polished please add some texture spray to your ponytail and scrunch it so that it creates more texture and volume.


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