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Gorgeous low bun that is perfect for valentine’s day


Valentine’s day is just around the colour. I love a romantic style and no matter if you are single or not, celebrating love is always fun. The most important thing to celebrate is your self-love. Looking and feeling your best is a great way to love yourself. Focus on self-love and your friends is becoming hugely popular so grab your friends, a film and movie and rock this stunning and easy low bun and prepare for a brilliant girls night. #wearcliphair


Step number 1: preparation

When you are going for an easy going yet romantic style then you need to make sure you are working with a good base. I worked with newly washed hair as I find it easier to style but if you have second or third-day hair make sure that you add some dry shampoo to your roots and work it through. It is imperative that you have lovely thick hair for this style to look the way you want it to. I used a full set of my Cliphair extensions.


Step number 2: establishing a good base

Now that you have your hair prepared it is time to make sure you have a good base. Even though this is an updo this is so much easier and prettier with lightly curled locks. To make sure that your extensions and hair is protected, add some heat protecting serum and work it into your ends. You don’t need a dramatic curl but a few loose ringlets towards the lower third of your hair. Once your curls have cooled gather the top half your hair near the nape of your neck twist this lightly and pin the hair into place. Gather the rest of your hair near your neck and secure, under your twist, into a low ponytail.


Step number 3: forming the shape

This ponytail is the base for your lovely romantic style so before you continue to make sure it is the best it can be. For me, this meant spraying on some texture spray and gently tugging on the hair around my crown. This not only with makes your hair fuller but will also help you to conceal any bonds or clips from your Cliphair extensions. Once you have done this it is time to move onto creating the shape of your bun. This is a low loop bun so the way to created this shape it to pull your hair half way through your hair tie.

Make sure that your loop is even. Split the ends in half that are underneath your loop then bring them to the base of your bun at the front and tie them into a knot. This is created the same way you would tie up your shoe laces. You will probably have some extra length left so wrap your strands around the base of your bun and create another knot on top. Tuck the ends underneath and pin them into place to finish.


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