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Gorgeous heat free mermaid wave tutorials

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If you like a style that is a little wild and totally looks after itself I would absolutely recommend some beautiful full mermaid braids. This style makes you look totally laid back and glamorous. At the same time, and the best part, you don’t need any heat to create them. I love this style with a casual look or a cocktail free but whatever you are wearing make sure your locks are full to bring the wow factor. Keep reading this step-by-step tutorial to create Mermaid Waves whilst you #wearcliphair extensions, enjoy!


Step number 1: preparation

I have never seen this style done with dry hair, particularly heartless. If you haven’t just washed your hair, grab an old spray bottle, fill it with water and dampen your hair. If you want to add that bit of extra volume, add your Cliphair extensions in and brush your locks before you wet your hair. If your hair is a bit unruly then you may want to scrunch in a little-diluted hair mousse.

Step number 2: create your braids

Unsurprisingly, as this is a heatless hairstyle creation, this look is created using braids. To create them first of all, divide your hair vertically into 4 equal parts. I would recommend creating a centre part from your hairline to your crown. Before you do this so your waves lie the way you want them to. You want each of these four sections to become three-strand braids. Make sure you keep the braids as tight as possible.

This will give you the most likelihood of the braids being the same and to have those nice tight braids that the mermaid waves a known for. I tend to do my outside braids first, then my inside braids so that I know they are running down evenly. Secure at the end of the braids with a clear hair tie and spray with some hairspray. If you really don’t have time to let your braids dry naturally, this is the time to blow dry them. Just be away this may make them frizz more than letting them naturally dry.


Step number 3: the finishing touches of your waves

The amount of time it takes for your hair to dry with depending on 2 factors, how tight your braids are and how thick your hair is. My hair took about 4 hours, this will vary for you. I wore this style out when it is in the braid but if you aren’t comfortable doing so, make sure you plan your day. When your hair is dry gently unravel your braids. Don’t brush your hair with a hairbrush but with your fingers instead. To add a bit more of the bohemian look I added some texture spray and shook my head upside down. This makes the look still look beautiful but like it has occurred naturally. Add a bit more hairspray to help your style hold all day and then you are done.

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