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Golden Barbie’s flower braid

Jasmine Sanders aka Golden Barbie is a hugely successful model and actress. We first saw her on America’s Next Top Model and has since featured in quite a few films including the short film Glosses with Kylie Jenner. Why is all of this important? Jasmine just graced the red carpet with the most incredible braid I have seen this year. If you have heard whispers about this Met Gala look and want to achieve it yourself keep reading this step by step tutorial.




This style is all about texture and fabulous intricacy. It is up to you whether you want newly washed or second-day hair for this look. Personally, I prefer working with dry hair as I find that my hair extensions stay put better. Add some dry shampoo or texture spray to your roots to give them some lift. If you don’t already have your hair extensions in, now is the time to add them.



That extra lift

This is a low lying style and, with hair extensions, is heavier than your normal hair. This is a blessing and a curse because it will make your braid lovely and thick but your roots may look limp if not given a bit of extra lift before you start your braid. Create a centre parting and separate your hair at the crown just behind the centre parting.  Tease this section so that it is full and gather it around the back of your head, pinning it in place so that it stays in place.




Gather your accessories

This look is all about the fabulous accessories to make it pop. The two main accessories you will need are some cord (either pink or white) and beautiful faux flowers. If you need to go get them. Now is the best time to do it. Cut the cord so it is the same length as your hair and thread it through a clear hair tie. Take a small section of hair behind your left ear and tie your hair tie at the top of your section of hair, winding the thread down your hair. Once you have secured this drape it across to your right side of your head and pin it in place. Repeat with a section above your right ear. Twist two smaller sections of hair to cover the hairpins and pin in place.  Stick four of your flowers into your cord bound sections.



Creating your braid

You are not going to be creating a conventional braid but that is what makes it so special. Create three small twist braids spanning the width of the corded row. Incorporate the end of your cord into the central twist braid. Tug these twist braids and cross them over each other in the centre. Divide the hair that remains near your temples and in front of your ears into three, twisting the outer two sections. Bring them together and wind the cord around them. Pin these sections below the row you just created. You can repeat the twisting to create more rows all the way to the end of your hair. Wind cord around the bottom of your hair for effect. Don’t forget to pin extra flowers along your cords before your spray and finish.





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