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Getting the right extensions for your thin hair

When there are so many many hair extension choices out there it can be hard to decide which ones are the best fit for you. This is not just for extension novices but for anyone wanting a change or unsure what you should pick. Like clothes it isn’t about making you right for our extension it is getting an extension that works with the natural behaviour of your hair. When you have straight thin hair it can knock your confidence but there is a hair extension for you but don’t expect it to be the hair extension that your friends or siblings have. Don’t make the rookie mistake and get the wrong extensions. Check out what extensions are right for your naturally thin hair.


Thin hair does not mean game over

Thin hair can feel like an absolute curse. It can look lifeless, totally flat and like you can’t do much with your locks. If you have thinner hair we all know extensions are an easy and fun way to thicken up your locks. The thing is that if you are having to take them out and put them in every day it can be really time to consume. That is why I would recommend tape in extensions for thinner hair. Every type of extension has their pros and cons and if you haven’t heard much about the tape in extensions it is because they are a relatively new type of extension. As the name would suggest tape in extensions are connected to your natural hair with tape, it looks like an extension sandwich in between your strands of hair. Why are these great for thin hair? They are thin and light weight so it won’t be too heavy for your head. They can be applied row by row by a professional or a skilled friend. To get even coverage and place them evenly you should definitely not apply them on yourself. The brilliant thing is that it won’t be the usual clip in clip out routine so it will save you time every day. Like most brilliant Remy extensions they leave no damage and silky and ready to be styled.


The best way to style with your tape in extensions

When it comes to thinner hair it is all about turning up the volume. You can backcomb your hair as you normally would just make sure you do it under the tape line. If you have had trouble covering clips on a clip in extension then you will find styling with tape in extensions easy and bump free. You can create every style your heart desires but when it comes to brushing your hair don’t go too hard on your extensions. I tend to hold theme near the roots as I brush the rest of my hair just to be on the safe side. Some of my favourite styles so far are low ponytails and braids. It looks so natural and will leave your hair looking beautifully thick.

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