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Getting the right extensions for your thick hair

You have thick hair so you don’t need extensions right? Wrong! Extensions are not just about making your hair thicker, although they are great at that, it is about giving your hair an extra boost. The only thing that is more frustrating than dealing with thin hair is trying to blend thick hair with the wrong type of extensions. We all love the extra length and that little bit more oomph for the weekend so keep reading to get the right type of extensions are good for naturally thick hair.


Reasons we love Remy

That’s right, Remy wins hair extension most loved and our hearts. If you are not sure what Remy hair is checked out my blog on extension lingo decoded. Not only is it made from real human hair, making it smoother and softer, it is also sewn at so the same way. So we have a natural look and we can style them naturally too. Whether you need to add heat or product this type of hair makes it so much easier to blend with your own hair.

cliphair-extensions-thick-hair-remy-quad weft

The best type of extension

With thick hair, you are fortunate enough to be able to a lot with the style that thinner haired ladies can’t.  That means that we tend to be a bit more experimental. We can rock a Katy Perry style short crop but who wants to be boring and stick with the one look if you don’t need to? That is why clip in hair extensions are perfect for ladies with thicker hair and big personalities. It is also brilliant for those of us who want the extra length without much effort. If you are lazy but want the glam then quad weft extensions may just be your cup of tea. With the four hair lovingly sewn into your extension, it is super thick so it is easy to pop in a blend and instant length. At Cliphair, we really like to look after you guys so no matter if you are looking for 15 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch or 22 inch long quad wefts, we have you covered.

cliphair-extensions-thick-hair-remy-quad weft-style

How to style your quad weft extensions

One of the great advantages of quad wefts, like all clip in extensions, is that they are so easy to style.  You don’t need to go to a professional for these babies just divide some rows near the back of your head and clip them a few centimetres away from your roots. The key to keeping them smooth is simple, double brush. Use your trusty extension brush to brush them over before you clip them in and then another brush through once they are into blend. Other than that you can do pretty much anything you want in terms of styling. One of the things you will need to keep in mind is choosing styles that will allow you to cover the clips. Braids and loose curls are some of my favourites but there are literally dozens you can check out.

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