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Get this look- the corset braid

Authored By Katie O' Connor

We may be extremely happy that we no longer have to wear corsets (thank goodness) but I have to admit that I love the beautiful crisscrossed ribbon look. So instead of killing our waists with a corset, let’s just make our hair look hot instead. Whilst using ribbons on your hair is nothing new they mainly come in the form of a bow or a headband but we don’t often hear about the great corseted braid hairstyle. This style is amazing to lift that casual outfit or tie in with a cocktail dress that has ribbons in it. If you want to achieve this hot look keep reading to achieve this amazing look.



Prepare your hair

This is perfect for subtle tape in hair extensions and even second-day hair so if you are going straight from work to a night out on Friday this is great.  Brush your hair so it is completely tangle and frizz free. Add some hair serum to protect your hair and straighten your locks. This may seem counter-intuitive considering you will be braiding it but it will guarantee you a sleek finish.




Time to braid

Divide your hair in half so you get even braids and put one half over your shoulder. Split the half into half again so you can form your braid from thin to thick. Start with the section that isn’t closest to your centre parting and form a three strand dutch braid from your hairline all the way to the end of your hair. The big difference between a Dutch and French braid is that you are crossing under rather than over. So start by crossing the left strand underneath the middle one. Do the same with the right strand and you will see your first braided row starting to form. Repeat with three more, relatively tight, braids. Make sure that you hairspray your braids so they don’t budge.




It is ribbon/corset time

The way to decide your ribbon colour is to think about your lipstick. I love to wear something that will complement either your eye shadow or your lipstick. Once you have chosen the perfect hue tuck your ribbon through the strands in the first row of your centre and outside braids. You want this to be as close as possible to your hairline. So that you get the full effect. Cross your ribbon in your left braid over and pull it through your right braid then cross your other ribbon and pull it through your left braid. Continue this crisscrossing method until you reach the nape of your neck and tuck the end of your ribbon so it is concealed behind a braid. If you have a longer ribbon and a busy day ahead you can really give this look a corset feel and tie it into a bow. Now you have one side of your corset style complete it time to do the same of the other side.


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