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Get the wow factor for your date with three hot hairstyles

Get the wow factor for your date with three hot hairstyles

We all like to be admired whether it is the first date or the twentieth but more importantly we need to feel comfortable and confident. I don’t know about you guys but for me, confidence comes down to being and looking the best version of myself. When I am out with my better half it is so obvious when we are on a date; I have a lovely outfit on, my makeup on and I am killing it with my hairstyles. I can tell from your gorgeous Instagram pics that I am not the only one. Let me share with you three of my favourite date night styles that will guarantee to wow.

clip in hair extensions-lush-ponytail

The lush worth Ponytail

This Cliphair chic is nailing it with this lush clip in ponytail and it is one of my favourite date night style, particularly if I’m wearing an off the shoulder dress/top. To get this lush look I always start by lightly curling the lower half of my hair for texture. Trust me it makes a big difference at the end. Grab your fishtail comb and create a horizontal parting just above your ears (a bit like a half up half down style) and secure with a clear hair tie. Make sure that it goes into an arch or a triangle point, this is super important. Create another pony, again above your ears and include the triangle point. My trick for making this look extra lush is to add your clip in ponytail extensions, bring on the volume. Brush at the end so your top pony flows over the lower pony.

clip in hair extensions-lush-fringe

Frame your eyes with your fringe

No, guys, I don’t have a fringe so I do have to use my clip in fringe extensions. For those of you that don’t start by dividing some strands either side of your fringe away from the rest of your hair. You can come back to them in a minute. Now brush the rest of your hair and tie it up into a ponytail on top of your head. Pinch some of the hairs on so they are not lying perfectly flat, this doesn’t look good with a fringe. Twist your ponytail and secure it tightly I a bun, pinching it slightly to give it volume. To frame my face I always curl my strand either side of my fringe. This gives it a romantic touch. Don’t forget to make sure your fringe is neat and you are ready to go.

clip in hair extensions-lush-fishtail

Fishtail half up

I love this look for a full day when I know I have a date in the evening. Start by diving your hair, horizontally, above your ears. Put the top half away and put your clip in hair extensions throughout your lower half for extra oomph. Curl the ends of your hair now, it will make it loads easier. Now to focus on your top half take some strands out around your face and curl them. Gather the rest of your top half and create a nice fishtail braid. Pinch the sections to give it the stunning look.

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