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Get the perfect fishtail bun

I love fishtail braids, they are so intricate and fun. They work with any outfit and occasion so it is easy to see why it is one of the favourite braids for the summer. I thought I had tried every conceivable variation from double braids to side braids and wrap around fishtail braid buns. I have just discovered this amazing new fishtail bun that is completely different and it is amazing. So keep reading this step by step tutorial to a great fishtail bun.




I always find that fishtail braids work best with clean and dry hair. Obviously, see how it responds with your own type of hair but having less moisture and oil in my locks makes it easier for the sections to interweave and look nice. If you find your roots are a little flat spray them with some dry shampoo for a little more height. secure your hair extensions and tie your hair into a low ponytail.



Your braid

split your ponytail in half. Make sure these parts are equal so that your braid will look more symmetrical. Take a small section of hair from the outside of your left ponytail half and cross it over to the inside of the right half. Do the same on the other side by taking a small section from your right half and cross it over to your left half. If you have done this correctly you will see across. Pull your cross tight to keep it secure and neat, placing a thumb in the middle to keep your braid in place. Repeat the crisscrossing technique, making sure to place the sections directly below one another, all the way to the end of your hair. Once you get to the end secure your braid with a clear hair tie.


Untidying your braid

This braid needs to be full and ‘fluffy’ so that is what you are about to create. I hope you aren’t too attached to your top hair tie because it is time to snip it off. This will allow the base of the braid to appear much wider and let you gently tug your cross sections outwards equally. This will help your bun appear full.



Creating your bun

Spritz your braid with hairspray before you form your bun so that your crosses stay in place and that it is free of fly aways. Pinch the bottom of your braid so you can take the bottom hair tie out. Hold a few strands from the end of your braid and slide the rest of your braid towards the base. This will give you a scrunched up look so you can start to imagine what your bun will look like. Once you have the size you want, pin it secure from underneath. By doing it underneath you won’t be able to see your hairpins. If you need to put some in the top, do so after the bottom so you can hide it in the bulk at the top. You are finished and ready to rock this spring style.




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