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Get the Natural Ponytail Look with Extensions

If you’ve always dreamed about sporting an elegant and lustrous ponytail, but do have the length or the thickness needed to make it work, there is no need to worry. This is precisely what top quality clip in extension pieces were made for, and we have some of the best hair extension products on the market here at ClipHair.

It’s time to add some extra sass and sparkle to your look with either a specially designed ponytail extension clip in (ideal for ladies with very short hair), or a long and beautiful quad weft piece. They come in a huge variety of different colours and styles, with everything from bright red to crimped and poker straight.

In fact, the primary function of hair extensions is to make it easy for girls with short hair, or thinner tresses than they would perhaps prefer, to experiment with some of the more ambitious styles. It doesn’t have to take all afternoon and an army of stylists to look as good as Beyoncé or Tay Tay Swift – you just have to invest in the right products.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re getting ready to go out on a date, shopping with friends, or simply trying to find the perfect ‘do for an easy day at university or work, the classic ponytail never fails. This easy-to-follow guide should help you to create the natural ponytail look with extensions from ClipHair.

Step One – when searching for the ideal hair extension piece, whether it’s in a ponytail style or otherwise, you need to find a product which matches the colour and texture of your natural locks. The best way to do this is to compare colour and style with the mid to end lengths of your own hair, because the roots tend to start off dark and then get lighter.

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Step Two – once you’ve found the perfect ponytail piece (we recommend an 18 inch clip in hair piece for a fairly long ponytail), start by brushing your hair through with a wide toothed comb. This is to remove any tangles or knots. Then, brush your natural locks back into a ponytail, which sits either high, low, or mid-level on your scalp.

Step Three – if you want to create a fringe, make sure to leave your bangs, apart from the ponytail. It can look very glamorous when a little hair is left to frame the face. Similarly, if a slick supermodel pony is what you’re after, you’ll need to apply a reasonable amount of gel or mousse.

Step Four – now, bring your hair into a tight bun by wrapping the ponytail into a ball shape. This should be firmly secured with grips and ties. The ponytail extension piece will clip in over and around your natural hair, so it blends seamlessly. If there are any problem ‘fly-away’ strands in either your natural hair or the extension piece, don’t hesitate to apply a little gel for control.

Step Five – to attach the extension piece, you should very delicately pull and position the clips tightly around the top of your bun. It’s a good idea to use clear plastic hair grips to keep it in place, because they cannot be easily spotted from a distance. It’s important to remember to be careful when brushing, so as to keep the hair piece in place. However, you should now be ready to turn some heads.


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