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Get the gong style

I have two words to sum up the adventures of the gongs Kate Winslet. That’s right if you missed the antics of the evening Kate puckered up big time and left a lasting lipstick impression during her acceptance speech. I’m sure her nephew and husband were shocked but what wasn’t shocking was her stunning style. Kate was one of the glamorous attendees with everyone strutting their stuff and wearing some killer outfits. It wasn’t just fashion that was talked about beauty was a key work on everybody’s lips wanting to see what hair and makeup styles we can steal. Keep reading to find out who had the best look at the gongs.

clip in hair extensions-gong-style-kate-winslet

Kate Winslet

You will be forgiven for not knowing much about Kate’s style at the awards and more about the kiss she shared with Allison Janney. She looked every part the winner she is in her floor-length black lace gown. Unlike some other starlets, she is wearing quite neutral makeup tones and a stunning and simple hairstyle. Her natural looking blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail. With a wrap-around style and curled ends, it turns a simple style into elegant do.

clip in hair extensions-gong-style-melissa-mccarthy

Melissa McCarthy

Presenting the best-supporting-actress award Melissa McCarthy is looking stunning in her tartan outfit. She has got in shape and looks incredibly happy and healthy. Her shoulder-length locks have relaxed curls but it certainly doesn’t make her look underdressed.  With a mixture of red and blonde, it is high gloss and looking fab. With such perfectly drawn eyebrows and gorgeous red lips, this shade and style look amazing.

clip in hair extensions-gong-style-angelina-jolie

Angelina Jolie

Showing off a slender figure Angelina is every bit the sophisticated Hollywood star. Like Melissa McCarthy, she is rocking some red lips but she has a much more vintage feel. She set the bar with the dress code her long silver satin robe style gown and bright red nails. A deep part is what it is all about for Angelina to create extra volume. This is a brilliant way to help give yourself that extra lift and show off your eyes too, we suspect there were some clip in hair extensions and backcombing involved to help with this too. If you want to have the same stunning look as Angelina make sure that you curl the lower half of your hair with large curl. Make sure you put on some hairspray to it stays put.

So whether you are a redhead, a natural brunette or a saucy blonde this award ceremony will hopefully give you the inspiration you are looking for. After all, this ceremony is supposed to show off the style we will be seeing for the rest of the year. If that is an indicator we think simple and elegant are keywords that will sum up our Christmas styles. This is brilliant for time-saving but does not be fooled you will still need your serum and hairspray to keep your locks looking good.

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