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Get that look the ultimate wedding updo

With Pixie Geldolf tying the knot and Beyonce and Jay z’s arrival of two beautiful babies over the last week there is definitely loving in the air. We all love summer romances from seasonal flings to longer lasting blooms of something real. And with heat actually joining us this year an up do is the way to go to tick both the fashion and functional boxes. We all love a good basic hairstyle but every once an a while we like something that is more than a little fancy. So as a nod to the season of love keep reading to get a step by step guide to a brilliant bride worthy up do hairstyle.




The glam-er the better

These types of styles are not ones that we use in every day life. We want a look for such a special occasion to have a big impact. Let’ get our hair primed for perfection. This is better for clean hair (clean, cool hair isn’t a bad idea in this weather) for this style, don’t forget the extra conditioner. We want this style looking smooth so no fly always welcome. Now your hair is shiny and new be sure to make sure it is straight, with a centre parting, and add extensions for extra bulk.





Sectioning your hair

You will need to grab some small elastic hair ties to start off your style. Brush your hair downwards and divine it into two rows (one at ear level, the other near the nape of your neck). Begin making low ponytails with the row near the base of your head but don’t pull the ponytails all the way through.




Time to separate and repeat

Now you have one row of mini ponytails repeat and do the same with the row at ear level. This row the ponytails should be a bit thicker as they are the main focus. Once you have you loops it it time to turn the glam on. Separate one of your loops into three smaller loops . The aim id to make the  mini loops intertwine like flowers on a vine so twist them ad pin the mini loops in place with hair grips. You can either use hair grips that match your natural hair colour or go for ones with flowers on them (we all love a good accessory). Once all of your big loops are separated and the mini loops are pinned into place all that is left to do is finish off and accessorise.





The finishing touches

This look has been way easier to create than it looks but the way your pin your loops is not what takes tis look to the next level, the way you finish it is. No one wants their carefully manufactures loops to come out looking like worm like tubes so don’t be afraid to gently feather and tug of your mini loops t make them appear fuller and more spread out,  you can add a crown or flowers as a perfect finishing touch but whatever you do don’t forget your hairspray.


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