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Get that look: The Romantic Side Ponytail

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The ponytail is something that works with all hair types for all occasions, it is obvious why we love it so much. We can get a bit bored of our beloved ponytail so we need to spice it up. If adding a pompadour effect is too harsh for you then this cut side ponytail style may be more your taste. It is perfect if you want a low key look for going to the movie with friends. It is an amazing style to wear if you are planning on going to the pool or beach too. Keep reading this step by step guide to create your cute side ponytail.




Get the basics down

this is a super easy style to do so if you are brand new to hair styling this look is brilliant for easing you in. the first thing you want to do is make your your hair is not too short. We want longer hair to show of the detail that we will create later. If you have long hair naturally, great, if not clip in your extensions now.





The key to this ponytail is that it is not perched on your crown like an ordinary ponytail instead you will be sweeping it to the side. So pick your favourite side of your face and create your side part. Once you sweep your hair to one side brush it thoroughly as we want our locks super silky looking.




The small bit

Take a small section that is the longest part of your hair, this is super important for those of your with layered hair. Once that smaller section is separated run over it with an alcohol free serum or hair wax. The shinier section will create a nice contrast to the rest of your hair and helps get rid of awful fly aways.


side looped ponytail.


Create your shape

This bit is just what it says, you are going to create a shape with your small section. Create a corner out of the small section then wrap it around the back of your ponytail. Thread the end of your strand the corner and pull it through. Take another small section, add it to the first and repeat this step. Depending on how long your hair is you can create three or four hair binds. Once you have all the binds you want in place secure with a clear elastic hair tie.




Deal with the ends

If you want the ties to be the main attraction of your look then straight hair at the ends is the way to go. If you want an old world or more romantic look however, try lightly curling the ends so that they turn into waves. This style looks amazing with ribbon interwoven and flowers but it also has an edgy look all by itself. The last thing you should do is add your trusty alcohol free hair spray to keep this look in place and make sure you have somewhere to strut your stuff!

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