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Get that look- The perfect fishtail updo for the last weekend of summer

That’s right guys, September is fast approaching and with it comes autumn. Summer has flown by but it is not over yet. The festival glitter, mini space buns will still be popular for another week but if you are going out this weekend and want a style that isn’t the same as all of your friends check out this amazing fishtail updo.



This look is easy to create wet so if you haven’t got time to fully blow dry your hair, that is fine. You want to start with thoroughly brushed hair, evenly hair parted in half and clip in your extensions so that they are concealed. Secure the right half of your hair to keep it out of the way. So you can start with the left side. It is super important to make sure that your hair is smooth and knotless, it will ruin a stunning style.


Start your braid

You want to start right near the front of your hair and halve the first and take a couple of strands from one side and place it on the inside of the other half. Repeat with the other half. You have now created the first cross in your fishtail braid. You want to continue your fishtail braid by adding a little bit of hair each time so that your braid becomes fuller.


Home Alone

The key to this style is symmetry so if you are not used to creating dead straight braids on your own I recommend that you ask a friend to help. Once you have reached the nape of your neck continue in a straight line until you get to the end of your hair and secure with a clear elastic hair tie. Repeat on the other side so you have two even fishtail braids. Pinch the bottom of your braid and take out your hair tie. Keep the ends pinched as you tug gently on each row of your braid so that it is full and stands out.


The Updo

Yes, this style would look amazing just as it is but we are going all the way and turning it into an updo. This is super easy to do but you will need your hair grips ready and I don’t mean just one or two, you will need a full handful. That may feel like overkill but this looks so stunning you don’t want to ruin it by not securing it enough. To get this style the way that you want to roll your hair towards your head so that the end of your braid lies flat against the back of your head. This is where your grips come into play, make sure the braid ends stay put. Once you have conquered one loop up move on to the next one. Spray with alcohol-free hairspray so it stays put and summer is not over yet so add glitter down the hair parting. You will look great!

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