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Get that look the mermaid tail braid !

Authored By Aida Huget

It is Friday woo! Although the excitement for the weekend is building we still have one more day to push through before we can party all night. I am sure I am not the only one who finds Friday mornings hard, especially knowing I may not get to bed again for almost a full 24 hours. We, at Cliphair like to help you out as much as we can. So we have tried to think of a day style that works as wonderful pre prep for some stunningly gorgeous night style waves. If glammed up girls like Amanda Seyfried and Drew Barrymore can rock this on the red carpet then it is definitely worth making it your own and wowing at the office this Friday.


Prepare for Friday styling impact

Thursday nights always seem like they are the shortest and there is something about a friday morning alarm that is haunted and never rings loud enough to wake us from our slumber. The result, ulimate morning stress. When you can barely pull yourself together to rush out the door a complicated hairstyle and pre-washed preparation is the last thing you want. Luckily for this look two or three day hair is ideas as it helps give your braid extra hold. If your hair is squeeky clean, all good, just scrunch in some hair mouse for  lift and texture (brilliant suggestion if you want your braid to have a messy boho chic vibe). As always brush your mane to make sure it is hassle and tangle-free. No one has time to start over because of knots.


Cliphair Extensiosn

Equal parting and braiding.

To make your mermaid braid symmetrical and gorgeous we need to make our braids as even as possible. Divide your hair vertically in half and secure one half so we can create one of our braids. If your hair is short you my want to add a clip in extension for a little extra length. Divide this section into three parts  and start braiding from the nape of your neck. When you finish one braid, hold it in place with a clip or secure with a elastic band while you braid the other side. Once you have  finished braiding both sides of your hair, secure the ends of both braids together with one elastic band. To make it look more magical choose an elastic band that is the color of your hair.

Cliphair Extensions

Now to create that mermaid tail

You will need hair pins at this point. Instead of having a v shape with your braids we want them to see one ‘tail’. To achieve this we first need to pinch the sections of your braids to loosen them to look fuller. Now is when your pis come in. place the top  of your braids side-by-side and place a hair pin horizontally along the back, holding them together. Do this further down the braid to feel secure. To finish be sure your pins are hidden and tame unwanted fly aways with alcohol free hair spray.


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