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Get that look- the Crossed Fishtail Bun

From Wimbledon to pride we have definitely had cause and the weather to celebrate. With so many festivities happening it won’t just be your sunscreen that will your essential accessory over the weekend. This look is amazing to both keep you cool and looks amazing with both a casual outfit and something a bit fancier. Based on some of the up-do styles at paris fashion week this fishtail looks so intricate and picture worthy but it is way easier to create than it looks and is 100% heat free. Whether you are a hair pro or a complete beginner this style is definitely one you should try.




To wash or not to wash, that is the question

For those of you with slightly weaker hair you will be totally relieved to hear that you don’t need to use any heat for this look. It is so hot and in this heat our hair is already suffering. When nature is drying out your hair finding a great heat free look is ideal. To tame your dry locks washing your hair with a moisturising hair mask and add some hair serum once it has naturally dried. Try to brush your hair so it is as straight as possible.


cliphair-extensions-fishtail-bun-on top


The bun on top

This bin is all about glamour, style and volume. This is not a look for someone who is a wall flower so we want to make our base as eye catching as possible. Brush your hair into a ponytail, so that it sits at the top of your crown and secure it with a hair tie. So we get the volume you will need to make this hairdo amazing, add your ponytail extensions. Sometimes the hardest thing to achieve with a bun is the perfect shape, do what I do and cheat. I used a donut to help me achieve the shape if you do have one, make one out of an old sock. place it at the base before you roll your donut from the ends to create your bun. Why at the base first? We need to take out two, two inch sections, one on the left and one of the right of the bun. This will be the sections we will create the braids with.




Creating your braids

This part is easy start with the loose strands on the left and divide them in two. Take a few strands from the part on the right and fold it inside the section on the right. Repeat with the left sections and continue all the way down until you only have a few centimetres at the bottom on your fishtail braid. Now comes the fun part, grab a few strands from the end of your braid and push upwards towards your head to create a pushed up, backcombed braid. Do the sam with your other braid and don’t forget to secure them with clear elastic hair ties. Now you have your braids looking fab it is time to cross them over your bun creating an x and pinning them in place. Do forget your hairspray, you don’t want this amazing style going anywhere!


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