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Get that look: The chain braid bun


Woohoo here comes 2017! Is everyone as excited for the countdown as I am? 2017 is a new start so let’s started it with a great look. 2016 has definitely been the year of the braid so we are taking that as inspiration to show you the incredible chain braid bun style. Not to be missed!




This look is all about loose knots. First you need to divide your hair in half. Then get a small section and tie 2 pieces like a shoelace.


Tie and tie again

As you repeat the knots add small sections of hair either side so it becomes continuous, link a chain.



Pig tail

Once your braid goes down behind your ear, pin in place and tie ends up. If you want wrap into a small bun that makes this look ultra cute. Repeat on the other side and rock your new year’s style.


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