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Get that look: the braid within a braid

It has been a while since we have looked at the recent updates on braid dos. Over the past year we have seen so many versions including french, dutch and fishtail braids but this is one we have not seen. It looks elaborate and is surprisingly quick to do. It takes about three minutes and is perfect for any occasion. Tussled and messy for a more casual look and a tailored fantastic braid within a braid for weddings and special occasions. Keep  reading for to find out how to get this amazing look for yourself.


How to get your hair ready

This is one of those looks that can be achieved without much fuss so it goes it makes sense that the preparation for this style would be equally simple. It can be done on second day unwashed hair or if you have washed your hair let it dry naturally for the best result. If you are having a bad hair day braids are generally the best way to tame and mould unruly hair.


Parting and creating sections

You will need to start by creating a side part as a side braid can make hair on the top look heavier and too thin if you start with a centre parting. Next sweep your hair over one should and separate a two inch wide section for mini braid. It should be on the thicker side of your head and approximately in line with the back of your ear.


Starting your mini braid

Your ear is a great guide for this style. start by dividing your small section into three and, at ear level, french braid down to the end. Secure with a clear hair tie.

cliphair-hair-extensions-braid-mini-briad-to-bif braid

From small braid to big braid

Now it is time to create the magic. Split the rest of your hair into two sections and your little braid is your third section of your large french braid. Cross the front section over first to lay the braid nicely against the side of your face. Now fold the back section over the front then the mini braid. Continue weaving your french braid to end of the braid.


Making your braid dramatic

Hold the end with one hand and tug the loops with the two big sections for extra volume. If you have naturally thin hair or want to make this look more dramatic then add some extensions (either colour matched or a dramatic colour) before you begin the large braid. Secure your finished braid with a clear hair tie.


The finishing touches

This look is perfect just the way it is however if you are going to wear this style to a special occasion we could always try something a little different. If you are going to a birthday add a ribbon to the end or a jewelled hair pin to your look. This style is perfect for a weekend away and a festival so let’s up that festival feeling by adding a flower garland or some multi coloured glitter.

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