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Get that look: the braid bun

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

So many of us are becoming more inventive with classic styles simple waves have become extra long and buns have added bows and crowns. But we don’t just care about having styles that look great, we want to make sure our hair is healthy too. After all we all know that is your hair is limp and dry there is no way it will look fabulous and is so much harder to style. No-one wants to turn heads for the wrong reasons. An amazing style to try when you are going out for a causal night out or running late is the braided loop bun. Keep reading to learn how to create it yourself.


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Add your depth

 We love a look that makes looking awesome easy and this is one of those looks. This is best with second day hair and therefore makes it great for the last minute bus dash. Make sure your hair is brushed and knot free so we can begin to style!


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The oomph at the crown

“I love having flat hair” says no girl ever! So it is pretty obvious that the best boss babe hairstyles give your hair a bit of bounce and life. Section an area at the top of your crown. It will look like a triangle going from the edge of your eyebrows and going back around 3 inches to form the tip of your triangle. Now it is time to add your extension pieces either side of your triangle point and tease the roots of the strands in your triangle.  Sweep your triangle back over your extensions and make sure your hair looks smooth at the front.


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Braiding in style

To achieve this easy style divide your hair into three equal sections and secure them with clear plastic hair ties to get equally thick braids. These braids are really simple loose french braids that will start from the nape of your neck in each section and go all the way down to the ends of your hair. I would secure the ends with the clear hair ties too so the look remains flawless. Pinch the sections of your braids so that they look thick and luscious.



Cliphair Extensions


Create your buns

These buns are super easy to create, the trick is to start them in the right order. Always (extra emphasis on this word) start with the middle bun. We are simply wrapping your braid around itself to create a low elegant braid. Your middle bun will be the loosest and will therefore require the most hair pins to secure it.  The side braids can either be made into tighter braids beside the middle braid to create a boquet affect with this do. If you want a style that is a bit more intricate then drape the left braid over the top of your middle bun and create a tighter bun to the right of your middle bun and pin in place. Then the right braid is easy, your simply repeat what you did on the left. Don’t forget your hairspray and you are ready to go!


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