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Get that look the backward braided top knot bun

When we are on second day hair and it is this hot it is time for something that screams summer chic.There is not many updos that are fun and don’t involve loads of heat that ruins your hair. Whether you are caught in the rain today or have been struggling to keep your hair frizz free the last couple of weeks this will definitely help. If you have longer hair make sure you have room around you this style promises some hair flipping fun.




Prepare to have fun

Second day hair is a part of life but it can look dreadful if not dealt with properly. If you have dry shampoo spray that baby in. Make sure you brush your hair thoughly to make sure your hair is tangle free. A great way to hide those roots is to pop in a couple of clip in extensions how to blend into your real hair. Make sure you make sure your under section is blended the most, it is going to be on show





Hair flipping fun

We promised you some hair flipping fun and we are about to deliver. Flip your brushed hair forward and gather a small section of hair near the nape of your neck.




Braid it your way

You can now choose the type of braid you want to do. If you are new to this styles or are not a pro with braids in general I would say start easy with either a French or Dutch braid, it is esseutally like starting a normal braid but the blood will be rushing to your head a little as we flip it up side down. If you are a braid pro and don’t mind hanging for a little longer divide your hair in two and start to form a fishtail braid.




Little by little

Now that you have started to form your braid (whichever type you went for) start to develop it so it looks full by adding small pieces of hair to each section as you braid. Continue adding to your braid until you reach your ears. Secure with a clear elastic hair tie and gently tug on the sections of your braid to plump it up.







Bun the right way up

You will be relieved to know that you can stand upright now. Once the blood is flowing back in the right direction gather all your hair (it may need a bush to get rid of annoying bumps) and twist into a top knot; It is totally up to you if you want to make it messy or neat. To secure you will need a sturdy hair tie and more than a few hair pins. You are done! Spritz with some alcohol free hair spray for hold and if you want a decoration for a finishing touch try adding a braided extension around your braid or even a ribbon. Perfect for turning this weather proof day look into a hot night look that is totally enviable!


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