Get that look: that hair headband

It was so lovely over the weekend we would be easy to make believe that you are on an amazing holiday. When the sun is shining and there is no threat of rain that leaves us with two options shorts or a dress. When we have these options a 70’s vibe is the way to go. A decade of free loving and free thinking can create the best looks. Today we are going to show you how to create an amazing free flowing hairdo with a gorgeous fishtail headband. Keep reading to see how you can achieve this amazing look.




Do it everyday

Second day hair is ideal for this style. We are loving that this style gets better and better. No need to pre wet your hair simply brush throughly and create a centre parting with a fishtail comb. This style is not one you can do on the move. Grab your hair ties for securing as we are about to get curling. Divide your hair into sections (rows are easiest) and curl the lower half with a medium sized curling iron.




Create a fishtail

If hair is thick enough get a two inch section of hair behind your ear and divide it in two. If you haven’t got thick enough hair it grab a small clip in extension piece. Start with your left piece in your left hand and a right piece in your right hand. Take a thin strand of hair from the outside of the left section. Pull the thin strand up and across the left section and Tuck the thin strand under the right section. Do the same to the right section so that you start to form your cross. Gently tug on the two sections to tighten them. Keep alternating sides and moving down until you reach the end of your hair. If you use thinner strands as you go down your braid it will allow you to have your braid look more even. Leave a small section that can be secured with a clear rubber band. Wrap a hair tie around the end of your hair to make it look more tailored. Gently tug on the sections to make them seem fuller and more noticeable. If you want the tousled look rub your braid between your hands. If you have layers this is not the best idea as it will turn from tousled to terrible pretty quickly.




The finishing touches

This look as is amazing as is and has a ver indie vibe but to turn this indie do into a 70’s style the finishing touches are key. Bring the braid behind the top of your forehead and secure the end behind your opposite ear. You will need to secure the end of your braid with at least two hair pins if your hair is quite thick and the middle feels like it is drooping add a concealed pin there as well. Spray with alcohol free hairspray to hold ad scrunch the bottom curls with mousse and you are ready to rock.


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