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Get that look: Sexy Autumn Curls

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

It is definitely time to break out your scarves and socks now GOT is over and school is going back, that can only mean one thing, autumn is here. With the weather getting cooler it is super tempting just to shove your hair into a messy bun and pop it under a beanie but that is no way win fashion brownie points. For hair that can stand out from the beanie, you need style and hair that is eye catching. There is nothing more perfect than is big sexy autumn ready curls. Keep reading to find out how to make your curls.




Second day all the way

That’s right ladies this style is perfect for holidays, lazy weekends or busy mornings. If your hair looks too greasy then add some dry shampoo at your roots. Just be careful when you put in your extensions you don’t want to get a weird unblended row of dry shampoo on top on your extension clips.




Getting started

The way start your style off after clipping in your extension create a centre parting. Brush your hair so that it a smooth, you want it to be like a blank canvas. We are going to be working with the section on the left first so you can tie your right half away for now.




Starting your curl

Apply some heat protecting serum to make sure your hair stays silky smooth. Take a small section (around about an inch) of hair near the base of your head. Place your hair underneath the barrel of your curling want and curl towards your face. Once you have released your curl pin it so that it cools in place.




Keeping it natural

If you want to create stylised curls then continue curling all of your strands the same way if, however, want to create fuller bodied natural looking curls curl the next section in the opposite direction. This means that your hair would go over the barrel and you would curl away from yourself. Repeat this for the rest of your hair working from you underneath hair to hair on top.





Set and style

The time it takes your hair to cool and set is dependant on how thick your hair is. Whilst your curls are pinned and cooling spritz them with some natural alcohol-free hairspray to make sure that they last the whole day and night without falling. To be on the safe side wait about 10 minutes (the perfect amount of time to pop on a mud mask).




Loosening your curls

When your ten minutes up take the clips out of your hair to allow your curls to fall into place. They will look a bit too manicured and fake so to make them look more natural you simply need to run your fingers through your locks. If you would prefer waves as opposed to curls flip your head upside down and give it as a good shake. Don’t forget to scrunch your locks with some mousse at the end of extra body.

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