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Get that look: Romantic wreath

There is such a beautiful atmosphere surrounding this time of year, out with the old and in with the new! But this year is all about the blend of two old world trends. Victorian romance mixed with ancient Greek style seems to be a winning combination that is taking 2017 by storm. So let’s look at this style and see why it is so popular.


Add the curl

This style is all about disheveled glamour and body. So we need to start by loosely curling your hair. If your feel like your hair is too thin or won’t have enough body to make this style it’s best the simply pop in some clip in extensions. The trick for this look is to leave your roots free to create the bun so only curl the ends. To do it quicker tie your hair in a ponytail, curl, then untie. A super hair hack for hair perfection.


The full bodied bun

If you have a fringe, feel free to pin it to the side and if not separate a few strands to frame your face. We want to create the bun at the top of your crown to give it more oomph. Divide your hair in two, as if you are doing a half up, half down look. Then place your hair in a high ponytail and place your donut around your ponytail. An awesome tip if you haven’t made your ponytail thick enough is to ease your hair above where the donut sits. Now spread your hair so it covers the donut and secure the bun with a hair tie. It looks a little messy at this point but it is meant to so don’t worry.

Add your wreath

Before pinning your curls to perfection you want to add your wreath. By doing it now you are able to incorporate the wreath without flattening your gorgeous curls. Remember to leave strands near your temples underneath the wreath so they frame your face.


Pin to perfection

Get a few small sections around your bun and tease the roots for extra body. Victorian romantic hair is all about being big and dream- like so don’t be afraid of going big. Once the roots are teased push the section up into a small bump and pin in place. Continue with other sections around the back of your bun. Now comes the fun bit, showing off your curls. Under the bumped sections gather the ends of your hair and fold it back over the end of the bump so only the curl is showing, and pin in place. Continue this with the remaining sections of your hair and it will look like a gorgeous waterfall of curls. Perfect for a modern day romantic look.

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