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Get that look Flat iron waves

Flat iron waves are the easiest and prettiest way to create waves. The chances are you have heard of flat iron waves but in case you haven’t, it is the best way to use your straightener for something other than straightening. I have seen so many different ways to do flat iron waves and because I love you guys I have been doing a lot of experimenting. I have found some of the best ways and knew you guys would love them. If you struggle to get that perfect look or they just look unnatural keep reading this step by step and hair hack guide to master your flat iron waves.




Sort your kit out

A massive hair hack for this look is to make sure you have the right tools. It is convenient to use your straightener for waving styling but not all straighteners will do the job you want on your hair or your extensions. The key is to choose a straightener that isn’t too thick that way you can create smaller and better-defined waves and curls.


cliphair-extensions-flat-iron-waves-get started


Getting started

This style is best done on dry locks so that it holds its shape easier and faster so start with dry hair. Although this is a casual style, casual does not mean messy ladies. We want to look hot hitting the streets with this style not that we haven’t showered in a week so make sure you brush your hair so it is completely knot free.





The lazy way

If you are into lazy girl styling then you will love my method. The first stage is to grab a fishtail comb and clip in your hair extensions either side. Divide your hair in two and tie them up in two pigtails.




Getting your base

The next stage is to braid and secure it with a tight hair tie. You can choose any braid really but I chose a Dutch braid because I find it easiest to feather and the quickest to do. Gently tug your braid sections slightly so that they lie a bit flatter and ready for your flat ironing.




Turn up the heat

That’s right it is time to had some heat to this style. Whilst you heat up your straightener lightly (highlight the word lightly) go over your braids in heat protecting serum. Make sure that you hold the straightener over each section so you do end up with any loose straight bits.




The finishing touch

Before you take, your braids out spritz them with alcohol-free hairspray and leave them to cool so that they hold. When you do take them out, run your fingers through your locks so you get evenly separated waves. If you want a bit more oomph tip your hair forward and give your hair a good shake. If you have naturally dead straight hair or it is a bit windy outside it would probably be a good idea to scrunch your waves with alcohol-free hair mousse.



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