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Get That Look: Emma Watson Vanity Fair

From disney princess to topless Vanity Fair photoshoot, Emma Watson has had her name in the headline and we love it! Over the last five years this starlet has turned from childhood heroin as Hermione in Harry Potter to Feminist advocate and style icon. Whether you approve of her latest fashion shoot you cannot deny she has worn some absolute stella outfits the last few years and has been up there with Alexa Chung as one of Britain’s hottest dressed celebrities. So instead of being envious we at Cliphair decided to show you how to rock a Watson look for yourself.



Expelliarmus those brassy ends

This is specifically for those of you who have ombre hair extensions or two-tone dyed hair. We are totally in love with that style but I hate it when, after a couple of washes, your golden ends turn coppery and dry. Yes we know that bleach isn’t brilliant for your hair but to stop it looking copper go to the source sulphur otherwise known as SLS or SLES dries, fades and turns your hair colour that awful copper. So the first stage to getting Emma’s glamorous style is to make sure your hues are cool tones so ditch shampoo and conditioner with SLS. This is also important when you are washing your hair extensions.



Separation perfection

This is such an inventive look for short cropped or mid-length-do women so lets make the most of it and bring to focus to the crown, where it belongs. To focus on the separate areas properly we need to divide them up. Take you fishtail comb and divide the sides and back away from your upper crown area (use the middle of your eyebrow arch as a guide where to start). Once you have the top section gathered, secure so you can focus on your back and sides. These sections should be sleek and simple so all the focus is on the crown. To achieve this comb your sides back so that they blend with the back. Make sure your spray so it stays intact.




No heat, horray!

Like many of the top styles at the moment, this do has a vintage twist. The difference between this do and many others right now is that it doesn’t require masses of heat. So untie your crown section and let’s get started! Please note this style will only work if you have a couple of inches of hair on top. Wet the top section and create a horizontal twist braid in the direction you want you waves to go and cover with mousse. Leave in for a couple of hours to let the waves set and dry.

Once they have dried untwist them and brush then through to reveal the curls. If you are finding that your waves are not tall enough, try teasing your roots and adding some mousse. You can see in the beautiful picture above that the curls are folded into the middle. This is all about manipulation, place hair pins where you want the curl to fold over. Now lightly brush your curl over it, hairspray your hairstyle and wait for it to set and remove your hairpins.


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