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Get that look Ascot style Fascinator

Ladies day was a shining success with an emphasis on the word shining. There was so much glitz and glamour you almost needed a hat to shield yourself from it. There certainly wasn’t a shortage of hats in sight. High heels, fabulous dresses and awesome extension styling were everywhere but it was the hats and fascinators that definitely stole the show. We never want to disappoint you guys so keep reading this step by step guide to make your own incredible fascinator. Have any weddings this season. Now you are ready!





A few things for your fascinator

This is one accessory you cannot get cheaply down at the shops so it is definitely worth spending some time getting your materials and making your own. If you are well prepared and have time in advance order your things online for the best deal. A comb and some sinamay and thread will create a solid base (about 60 cm should be enough)this comes in all sorts of colours but black and white go with all outfits! Tulle and faux feathers are your next big buy, try and get these in a shade or to lighter than your sinamay to contrast nicely. You should already have some vegan glue from our previous DIY accessory blogs.




Get your base sorted

Let’s get started forming your base. Your material is a long rectangular piece that is easy to mould into shapes. This makes it perfect for what we want to do as we will be folding it over and creating lovely loops. This is where you can be as creative as you want. If you want a bigger fascinator opt for a bigger piece of sinamay and make the lower layers that biggest. What do a mean by layers? You are literally folding, or layering, the material over itself. You can do this in a straight line or make interesting shapes as long as one edge overlaps. You can easily secure the shape of your based by folding a small piece of tulle at the one point the layers intersect sewing them together. This will keep your layers tight, give them height and it will be hidden by the decorations so it will look professional.






Decoration perfection

Faux feather are the traditional way to add a touch of glamour to your fascinator. If you want to be a bit more daring fake pears and diamonds are stunning as well but a bit more fiddly to attach. If you have purchased more than one size faux feather that is amazing! The trick to gluing your feathers on is to do it in stages. The best type of feathers to have bought were specific decorative ones as they have a seem making so much easier to glue along. So slap the glue along the seem of your largest feathers and place them so they cover where you have sticked your base, then repeat with your smaller feathers and spread them out so they are nice and decorative.





Add your comb

This is by far the easiest part. You simply need to wait until all your feathers are dry and turn your your fascinator over. Now dab a small line of glue along the flat bit on the top of your comb and hold it to the back of your base for a couple of minutes until your glue dries. You are all done and ready to hit any posh event in style.



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