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Get Taylor Swift’s new look

Taylor Swift is keen to let us know that the old Taylor is dead (whatever that means) in her new tune Look what you Made Me Do. The music video shows us some cameos from Taylor from different stages of her career so far. This stunning single is the first to be released from her album Reputation.  She rocked some pretty extreme styles from Game of Thrones inspired zombie to bathing in diamonds but we are going to show you one of her cutest styles in this video. She rocked some super stylish tight locks in an 80’s inspired bob style. Keep reading to learn how to get this style yourself.




Pre-think for your hot curls

With the weather getting colder and dryer I tried this style with as little heat as possible so I didn’t make my hair even drier. For this, it required a bit more time and pre-thought but I think it is worth it. If you want something quicker you will need more heat and a hell of a lot more product in.





Pre-treat and divide

The best way for this to hold is with highly conditioned and damp hair. I used a hair masked then, once it is rinsed out, applied a one pound size amount of hair serum to the lower third of my hair. Brush it through so your hair is silky and smooth then grab your fishtail comb and divide your hair into six equal sections.




Time to twirl

Now you have your sections defined twirl each section into a twirl shaped mini bun and secure them tightly with hair ties. Make sure they won’t come loose but they are positioned so it is comfortable for you to lie down. Yep, that’s right, you are going to be sleeping with them in.




Good morning

It is time to let your hair down, literally. Starting from the back let down your buns. Once they are all down use your fingers to pull some of your curls apart your curls so that they have more volume and have that lovely ‘messy’ 80’s look.




The only heat

This style is all about making a statement, just like most of Taylor’s behavior. You will be happy to know that this heat is not on your own locks but on your hair extensions. If your hair is thinner or naturally straight it is a good idea to pop in your extensions to plump up your curls. You will only be able to use the smallest section of your curling barrel for extension curls. Make sure that you curl in small sections so that they blend in with the rest of your curls. Time to clip your hair extensions!




Time to finish up for the new Taylor style

Once you put your hair extensions in tip your head forward and give your hair a good shake. This makes sure that all of you curls blend naturally together. To finish up make sure you spritz some alcohol-free hairspray so your look holds.

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