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Get Milla Jovovich’s Cannes red carpet look


We all know that Cannes is a great place to see and be seen in the industry. It is not surprising that people put their best foot forward and this year Milla Jovovich knocked it out of the part with her gorgeous red carpet style. The look I am talking about today is her red carpet style from the screening of Sibyl. Her light toned, off the shoulder gown was amazing and it had over 230,000 Swaroski Crystals. What was equally impressive was her gorgeous hairstyle. If you want to find out how to create it yourself keep reading this step-by-step hair tutorial and show it off by #wearcliphair.



Step number 1: Preparation

This is a style that is great with a bit of texture. I wouldn’t necessarily worry about curling your hair because it won’t be visible at the end. I would do a couple of things instead. Firstly add your Cliphair extension because you are going to need extra volume. Then I would work some dry shampoo into your roots, this is great for giving you that extra lift. Next, I would scrunch some wax into the ends of my hair and spray my locks with texture spray.


Step number 2: Create your braids

This style is what it is because of the braids so take your time with them and get them just the way you want them. Take out any of the strands you want to frame your face. Milla as an eyebrow-grazing fringe but if you don’t you will need to add a fringe extensions piece. Begin by splitting your hair in half vertically. Focus on the right side for now and tie the left side out of the way. Now take your right side and split into two equal sections. Take a small section of hair from the right half and take it to the inside of the left half, now take a section from the outside of the left half and take it to the inside of the right half. Put these tight, you have just created the first cross in your fishtail braid. Repeat this all the way down to the bottom. Pinch the sections the pancake your braid then add a bobby pin to the end for now to secure. Repeat on the other side so you he two full fishtail braids.


Step number 3: finishing your look

Now that you have your braids complete it is time to finish your look/ place your finger at the top of your left fishtail and flip your braid up and over it. You want your braid to go from your ear and drape it across your head towards the right making sure that the braid is lying flat. Pin it in place by going under the raid with your bobby pins so they are concealed. Do the same with the other side but tuck the ends under the first braid and bobby pin it in place.


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