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Get Bella Hadid’s hot new look

Bella has been a trendsetter for years so it is no surprise that when she got her latest haircut the world turned their heads to see what it is. Bella and Gigi are love to shock us with different colours, styles and haircuts on a regular basis but they usually went back to their trademark beach blonde waves and long sleep chocolate locks. Bella’s new look is a bit more extreme and means that she won’t be returning to her fierce wet look, waist-length locks any time soon. Bella Hadid had become obsessed with faux fringes lately let’s check out some of Bella’s latest looks and copy them step by step.



Party mini fringe style

We all know Bella likes to show off her lovely eyes and she has chosen the perfect style to do it, not to mention the glitter eyeliner. I love this look because the back is totally 90’s but the blunt fringe makes it modern and on trend. To begin make sure you have your hair extensions in at the back and that your hair is damp. You want to keep any natural wave you have your hair add some mouse or gel to your locks, particularly scrunching it into the ends. gather your hair at your crown and tie it up into a ponytail. Now is the time you want to be adding your faux fringe. Clip them in near your ponytail so the bun will cover the seem and make sure that it lies above your eyebrows. You may need to trim them to make sure that your hair extensions are blunt cut. Once that is done lay your hand flat against the base of your ponytail so it pushes up strands of your hair. You are essentially making the shape of the bun in the palm of your hand and pinning it into place. The strands sticking out should not be forced into the bun, just make sure you have pinned the bun so it is secure. Fan out your fringe so it looks more interesting and spray your hair so it stays in place.


Sleek and sexy bob

This is much more simple to create and is a perfect day to night look. If you don’t have a bob haircut you can create a faux bob by creating a centre part and making sure your hair is tangle free. Separate the hair in front of your ears gently tease your crown and clip in your fringe extensions so that the seem is concealed and your fringe grazes your eyelashes. Tie the back section into a ponytail and slip the hair tie down to the length you want your bob. Twist all of the hair under the hair tie, tuck it underneath secure to your head with hair pins. To incorporate the front sections twist the ends around one of your fingers and pin this twist at the nape of your neck, just behind your ears. Make sure you pack some extra pins so your a grip your hair if it is windy.






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