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Game of thrones 10 year challenge

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If you are Game of Thrones fan you will probably be just as upset as I am that the series is over (and the rumours about a spinoff are true). We all love the characters and in a lot of ways, we have seen them grow since the show started in 2011. since the 10-year challenge has been such a big trend this year, I decided to look up what the ladies of the seven kingdoms looked like 10 years ago, it was a shock. Today I am going to show you the transformation of the Game of Thrones women. #wearcliphair


Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams

These two where just kids when they started the show. 10 years ago they were definitely not the trendsetters they are now. Sophie is still blonde outside the show but Maisie is much more experimental and isn’t just brunette in her cute braided pigtails. Some of the key things that are obvious are the colour changes for both women and Maisie’s blunt fringe. As summer is coming it is a great time to try new styles like a fringe. If you aren’t yet ready for the ultimate cut try clipping in a Cliphair extension piece to try it out first.


Emilia Clarke

Woah, what a change 10 years make! So we all know she is a natural brunette and for years she donned long locks. Now she is definitely embracing her Game of Thrones inspired blonde locks. It is so great to see such a transformation, she looks way edgier with blonde hair but looks beautiful with both colours. It is rare to look great with both but if you do, why not go for a change?


Lena Headey

Lena played the infamous Cersei Lanister on the show and was known for her long them short golden mane. Like many of the GOT actors blonde is not her natural colour. In reality Lena rockers much darker locks. I’m not sure if she dyed her hair or used some amazing extensions in the first seasons but her dark hair is a long way from her Westeros mane. 10 years ago her hair was almost black but now she has long locks that are more manicure in, dare I say it, a more queenly fashion.


Gwendoline Christie

Gwendoline played the amazing knight Brienne of Tarth. She sure got to show off her sword tricks and was epic. She is one of the only naturally blonde actors in the show and did not change her hair colour too much over the 10 years but what she did change up was her hair cut. She had longer locks in 2009 and was much more vintage in her styling. These days Gwen is embracing her edgier side with a gorgeous wavy lob, the perfect summer look.


Nathalie Emmanuel

Nathalie was another actor that did not change her hair dramatically for the show. I am obsessed with her natural locks but 10 years ago she had not 100% embraced going natural all the time, her curls are larger. Both look great but I think she is rocking her natural looks like a queen.

Katie O’Connor

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