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Fun braided looks that look amazing with extensions

If you are reading this blog you, like me, are obviously a massive extension lover. Who can blame us? Hair Extensions are this year’s hottest hair accessory. Loads of people have turned away from heated tools but hair extension helps you look stunning with or without heat. Today I thought I would share with you some of my favourite braided styles that look incredible with hair extensions. I have naturally wavy hair so braids are my lifesaver when it is humid or I am busy. I have a sneaking suspicion this is the same foremost of you. So keep reading to pick up some stunning styles that will make your life easier and will look incredible with hair extensions.


Twisted chunky half braid.

This one is not strictly speaking a braid but it leaves you with a braid style. Add a Clip-ins full head of extensions and scrunch in some good quality mouse. Texture thickness and a romantic curl are what make this look. Take a section at the crown, this is going to be the base of your whole braid so we want it to look good. Loosely twist this sections and push it upwards to create body. Pin it into place and tug it gently. Taking small sections either side of the central pump and twist it, pull it upwards to create more volume. Drape it across the base of your bump and pin it in place so that you hide the elastic and repeat it on the other side. Take the sections directly underneath at the nape of the neck and repeat the process on either side. You can either leave the bottom of your hair loose, continue with a loose pancake braid or pin the ends up with some flowers to finish.


The tower of braids

This is not the best name for this style, it is structured and looks incredible. You will want the length for the style and it is well worth spending a bit of time to make it look incredible. Start with a centre parting then grab your fishtail comb to help you to create triangle shaped partings. Start halfway along the crown, at you centre parting and move forward and outward towards you temples on either side of your parting. Divide each of your triangles into three and create a basic french braid all the way down the ends, don’t forget to add strands as you go. The only difference with the section braid you are creating is that you will be adding strands from the opposite side of your head so that the braids are linked together. They should be side by side, you make need to tug a few strands to make sure that they are even. Now focus on the bottom section to get your mini braids out of the way. Divide your bottom section in half and create a large fishtail braid all the way to the ends. Don’t forget to pinch it at the end to add body and secure with a clear elastic hair tie. To attach your mini braids to your big braids by weaving some hairpins in and out as you go down and tuck the ends into the hair tie. It will look stunning.

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