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From gym to glam, the best post gym hair tutorial

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A gym session after work is such a wonderful idea but that doesn’t mean you should have to compromise on your social life. It is easy to put an outfit in a bag and check it in at any club so the main thing that is a big thing you should be focusing on is your hair. Having a good workout can make you feel alive and means you can eat and drink without concern but is it possible to feel part ready post gym? Absolutely! Today I want to show you a fab post workshop look that is perfect for your girl’s night out. #wearcliphair.


Step number 1: preparation

This is a look where preparation is crucial. You will probably not be coming out of a shower (unless you are brave gym shower user) so it is a bit tricky. You best friends for this look are dry shampoo, a hairbrush and your Cliphair hair extensions. Firstly you have to assess your hair. If you didn’t have a crazy session you will be able to get away with just dry shampooing your roots. If your hair is a bit more sweaty add some water. Most gym bathrooms have blow dryers in them. I would still add in your dry shampoo as you are not using the product to fully clean it. Once you have done this, put your extensions in a brush them to blend.



Step number 2: make your base

Create a right side part from your hairline to your crown. Now create an oval section around your crown and tie it up into a small, half up ponytail. If your hair is looking a little flat tug on this section. Take a section of hair above your left and right ears and tie with a clear elastic band around the back. Create a twist illusion by flipping the ponytail up and over. Repeat three more times and tug on each section to make it look fuller.

Step number 3: form your bun

Now you have formed your decorative section it is time to create your bun. You do this place your index and middle finger under the nape of your neck. Wrap your hair around your fingers once then hold the rest of your hair out to the left. Twist the section around your fingers so that your fingers are now facing away from your head. You will find the section to the left is getting smaller. Twist your hair around your fingers one final time. Now place the twist so they are one underneath the other (or however you think it looks nice). You cannot really use a hair tie at this stage so I would use wide toothed or ballet hairpins to secure thicker sections of hair without ruining the shape (if in doubt pack a few in your handbag for the road). Spritz on some hairspray and you are done.


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