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Flower hairstyle tutorial that is perfect for spring

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As spring is just around the corner we all start to think about flowers, they are everywhere on our clothes, accessories and hairstyles. To keep up with this flower craze I thought I would show you how o create this super cute flower hairstyle. It is easy to create and looks great for both day and night look. Once you have created your gorgeous flower don’t forget to show it off by #wearcliphair.


Step number 1: preparation

To prepare for this look you first need to put in your Cliphair extensions. This will be a half up, half down look so focus your extensions around the nape of your neck and temple areas. Once they are in and blended make sure you add heat protecting serum.


Step number 2- turn up the heat

Using a 1 1⁄2 inch curling wand you are going to curl your locks. Divide your hair into 2-inch sections to curl and spray each curl lightly with hairspray. Once your hair is all curled run your fingers through the curls to create waves. Now gather your hair into a low ponytail and secure. Take a few strands of hair and wrap it around the base to conceal your hair tie. Secure with bobby pins at the underneath side.


Step number 3- create your flower

Divide a section, approximately a couple of inches from the top of your ponytail and divide it into three equal-sized parts. Cross each strand over the other to form a three strand braid. Once at the end of your braid secure with a clear elastic hair tie. Tug on the outside of each row of the braid to create a pancake braid. Take your braid and begin to wind it around itself to form a rose shape. The trick is to have the ends on the inside so it hides the hair tie and leaves the flower looking thicker around the edges


Step number 4- the finishes touches

Pin the flower from the bottom so you can keep it in place but it won’t flatten your flower at all. You can either secure this to the top of your hair tie or to the back of your head. The next step is only applicable if you pinned your flower to your head. You can cut the hair tie that was holding your ponytail together that with turn this style into a half up, half down look. Add a bit more hairspray to your curls then you are done.


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