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Fishtail braid bun tutorial


I love fishtail braids, they look great in pigtails, a ponytail and in a bun. This is fantastic if you want a more elegant version of a fishtail, perfect for a day to night look. It is feminine, keeps your hair out of your face and in a style that looks great. If you love fishtail braids and want some inspiration about something new to do with then then keep reading this step by step tutorial and #wearcliphair when you are done.

Step number 1: preparation

To prepare for this style it is all about the waves. You can create heat free waves with newly washed hair. If you are like me a bit short of time using heated tools may be more convenient. Make sure you have your Cliphair extensions in and they are brushed and beautifully blended. Before you curl your hair make sure you have a generous about of heat protecting spray or serum, particularly on the ends. Once you have done that you can go ahead and grab your curling iron and curl larger sections of hair. Once they are cool run your fingers through them so that you end up with lovely waves.


Step number 2: crowning glory

When you are doing an updo that is not hanging from your crown area, your crown can look really flat. To avoid this you need to take a few small sections at your crown. Lift them up and spray them with hairspray. Now grab your teasing comb and tease your roots so that you have a full crown section, don’t forget to smooth over the top.


Step number 3: fishtail time

Now you have your waves and crown section sorted it is time to move onto you fishtail braid. Create a side part and bring your hair to your right side. Next, split your hair in half and take a small section from the outside of the left half. You are going to drape this over and attach it to the inside of the right half. Give it a little tug to make sure it isn’t too loose you want your braid to be tighter at the top so it holds the shape.

Now take a small section from the outside of the right section and connect it to the inside of the left section. This is your first cross. Continue to create these crosses all the way to the end and secure with a hair tie. Pinch the sections so they are fuller and fluffier but be careful you don’t pull strands out if you have layers.

To create your bun the main thing to focus on is hiding your ends. The easiest way to make sure this happens it place your hair tied end near the base of your braid and pin it there. This will create a loop which you can flatten to make a nice bun and that will conceal you ends. Pin it into place and add some hairspray and you are finished.


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