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Figure 8 braid tutorial

I am so excited to have come across this style and I was so excited to try it myself. It is so easy to do and looks incredible! I rarely use heated tools on my hair when it is not necessary, but this looks so stunning it is worth it. If you are looking for a fun new way to create an amazing braid, look no further. Just keep reading this step-by-step tutorial to get your own figure 8 braid.



This style is brilliant to show off your lovely shiny hair. You can do this by adding some coconut oil to the lower third of your hair if you have naturally straight hair but if your hair isn’t naturally straight add some heat protecting serum to your locks. I tend to scrunch in some mousse to my locks before I do this so that they retain some height and, if doing this look on second-day hair, even tease your roots a little.




I love my hair extensions for the thickness and length they provide. You could put a full sent in just make sure that you create your deep side part first so you know no seems will show. I always add my hair extensions in before straightening my hair so that if there are any kinks it goes in the same direction rather than looking super weird.



Creating your braid

Sweep your hair over to the deep side of your part over your shoulder a brush it so it is smooth and gathered. Divide your hair in two so there is equal parts on the top and the bottom. Now take a small 1-inch section from the nape of your neck and loop it over the top section then back under the bottom section. You have just created your first figure of eight. Repeat this motion two or three times. When you are getting to the end of your mini strand of hair add some more hair to it from the bottom half section. Continue weaving your braid until there is only about an inch of hair left at the bottom then secure it with a clear hair tie.




Finishing touches

This look is great already but I am always up for turning up the volume to eleven. To do this pinch the sections of your braid to make them fuller. I always tease any ends I have left over so that they look full instead of limp, I don’t want them letting the whole style down. When you lift you braid up there is a large chance that you will find strands that are not tucked in. that is because you added hair to your thin strand as you went down. There is a very easy way to manage this though. Try and gather those hairs at the back of your ponytail and use a hairpin (otherwise known as a bobby pin or a hair grip) to secure it secretly. Add some hairspray and you are done!


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