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Festival trends we will be taking into autumn

It is sad that summer is coming to an end in the northern hemisphere but I cannot wait for the leaves to turn red! We may put on an extra jacket and scarf but not all of our habits have to change. There are some incredible trends that we rocked at festivals which actually look amazing in the cooler months too. Today I have cherry-picked some of my favourite summer trends that work amazingly for the change of season. As always keep reading and don’t forget to #wearcliphair.


Textured waves

This is something that has by far been the biggest trend over the last 3-4 summers. This style does not have to be exclusively in summer. It is true that texture is often associated with the beach and swimming but it doesn’t have to be exclusively. We often wear darker clothes as it gets cooler, a bit of texture to your waves add a bit more interest. One thing a lot of people are concerned with is it looking messy/dirty rather than intentionally textured. If it is thin, limp and unevenly textured, that is when you have this impression. Plump up your locks with your Cliphair extensions and make sure your hair is textured evenly.

Interwoven flowers

This is something that a lot of people only use at festivals but it looks amazing. You do not have to stick to flower crowns to make an impact. One simple flower behind your ear or a few buds interwoven into your look is all you need to do to make a big impact with what you already have in your garden or local park. One thing I would say is that is seriously obvious when you are using artificial flowers so when you are trying this look go and pick some wildflowers, it is better for your look and the environment.


Tussled braids

This is something that Blake Lively (my hair idol) does and I am seriously in love with it. This is a way to turn braids into something special looks. Pinch your braid or create them without brushing your hair first for a less manicured look and it will help you get this look easily. If you are planning on wearing this with a hat, it will look amazing. If you are going hat free, try adding a clip to show off your style.


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indian wedding saree
indian wedding saree

the festival looks amazing traditional dress with flower braids look to assume a nice hairstyle I am impressed.

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