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Everything you need to know about co-washing

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This is one for all of you curly haired girls. Whether your hair is naturally curly or you have treated it so that it has some curls (with a perm) co-washing is something that may be right for you. We all have different ways of looking after our hair depending on our hair type, and that beginnings with how we wash our locks. that beginning hair type and you want to know how to nourish it with co-washing, keep reading. #wearcliphair


What is co-washing?

Co-washing your hair is when you wash your hair with conditioner only and not shampoo. This may initially sound off putting but hear me out. Conditioner has elements in it that clean you hair but it is also incredibly nourishing and great for curly hair.


Why is co washing a good idea?

Co-washing is fantastic for your curly hair because it doesn’t dry it out. Almost all shampoos contain sulphates which leach your hair of your hair of its natural oils to the point that you end up with dry, frizzy hair. Even if you do not have curly hair but your hair, or extensions, are extremely dry, this will be great for you too. If you have oilier hair or quite fine hair this routine may not be the best for you. Your results will be a good as the product you are using so make you are using a good quality conditioner that does not have silicones or sulphates in it.



How does co-washing work?

First of all, say goodbye to wetting your hair and working in your shampoo. Co washing requires some elbow grease and attention to your ends but the benefit is you will need less products afterwards to nourish your hair and make it look its best.



Technique for co-washing on your hair

You need make sure your hair is completely wet then put the amount you usually use and massage it into your scalp. This is the bit that needs the elbow grease. You may only spend a few moments massaging your scalp with shampoo to cleanse your scalp but the cleansing agents in conditioner are different to those in shampoo so make sure that really work it into your hair follicles.

Put the same about of conditioner again into your hands and work it into the rest of your hair, particularly then end of your ends. This should be left on for at least 5 minutes. As you are rinsing it out make sure that you have got all the conditioner out of your roots, you want to make sure that you don’t have any product build up.

The next bit is not compulsory but I always think it is a good idea to add a little bit of heavily diluted conditioner to your ends to guard against drying out. Leave your hair to air dry for luscious curls.

I would recommend that you co-wash your hair once a week for healthy curls


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