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Everything you need to know about clip in hair extensions


Clip in hair extensions are not a new method of making your hair look and feel thick and luscious. They are great for that instant transformation but you do not have to commit to the look on a long-term basis. They come in so many colours and styles they are one of my favourite types of extension. This blog today is for all of you that may be new to the world of hair extensions or you may just be curious to find out more about your favourite hair accessory. Either way, keep reading to find out all you need to know about clip in extensions and don’t forget to #wearcliphair.



Why clip in hair extensions?

Clip-in hair extensions are perfect for a quickly changing your hairstyle. You can see them to add length and volume without waiting months for your hair to grow. You can, add highlights by choosing a colour without changing your own hair, and even try and fringe without a haircut.


Do clip in hair extensions come in different textures?

Absolutely! Cliphair sells clip in hair extensions for everyone and they are treated prior to you receiving them to make it easier for you to keep your extensions in the shape you want for longer. If you love wavy locks or they are how your hair naturally looks, get yourself some clip in hair extensions for a gorgeous natural style.

Why do people not like synthetic clip in hair extensions?

Synthetic hair extensions are a big no-no in my books. It may be tempting initially as they are cheaper but they will end up costing you more in the long run. You really do get what you pay for. The synthetic extension looks obviously fake and has a shorter lifespan. They burn easily which means they are not your best friend if you like to style your hair with heated tools. It will also take longer to brush as they are more delicate.


What effect does clip in extensions have on your hair?

Clip in extensions will not damage your hair if you put them incorrectly. The big thing I want to say on this is to please look after your extensions and your hair so they areas as healthy as possible. This includes having a nutritious diet to ensure your hair is strong. There will be a little weight added to your roots so make sure your roots are strong and if it doubts, backcomb your roots a little to make it easier to grip and helps to create more body near your roots.


What is the lifespan of the clip in extensions?

This really is up to how well you treat them. I have had mine for over a year and they are going strong. If you want them to last ensure you wash and condition them once a week and wear heat protecting serum on your extensions and your hair before using hot tools.


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