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Everything you need to know about blonde hair


Blondes have always been something that we look up to from Barbie as a child to Marilyn Monroe and Jennifer Lawrence when we grow up. I mean who wouldn’t love a colour that helps you have more fun? There are so many different tones of blonde that we can choose from. With only approx 2% of adults being naturally blonde, it is good to know our options for those of us who are not.

Did you know that because it is unlikely to be blonde unless both your parents are, they use to be considered magical? There are so many theories around blondes. It may be hard to have naturally blonde hair but it easy to fake it with your Cliphair extension. I am going to list my go-to tips to maintain your blonde hair and keep it shiny, healthy and long-lasting if dyed. This goes the same if you dye your hair extensions red instead of having your own. But first of all, be prepared to give extra care for looking fantastic in fun blonde!


Shampoo and conditioner

Blonde is the hair colour that is most important to use specific shampoo and conditioner for. A purple-tinged shampoo is ideal as it takes the brassiness out of your blonde locks. Also, make sure that your shampoo does not have sulphate in it, this is important for your extensions and your hair. Sulphate strips your hair of its natural oils and you need to keep your natural oils as much as possible for healthy blonde hair.


Toner is a girl’s best friend

If you are dying your hair at home then please do not skimp on your toner. Even if you use 2 bottles of hair dye you will need to use the correct amount of toner. This will keep your blonde colour brighter and help it to last longer. Rinse treatment is also a great option to help with the blonde colour vibrancy. As well as helping to keep your colour ‘purer’ for longer it will also keep your hair looking lovely and shiny which makes it look healthy.


Because blonde hair dye has bleach in it, blonde hair is more susceptible to become dry, frizzy and get split ends. This means that to keep your blonde locks looking gorgeous you have to give it some serious TCL. When I had my blonde hair I would be putting serum or coconut oil to the ends of my hair once every 2 days and put a hair mask on my hair at least once a week. I like to gain as much time as possible from my Cliphair extensions so I made sure that I gave them the same treatment to keep them sleek and lovely. This is really important to do particularly if you tend to style your hair using heated tools. This may seem like a lot of work but it is well worth it to keep your blonde hair looking lush.


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