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Emma Stone’s Golden Globes look

Meryl Streep’s amazing speech may have sent the crowd talking but it was Emma Stone’s hairstyle that kept them oohing and ahhing! Who could blame them? Celebrity hairstylist Mara Roszak didn’t want to overdo the 28 year old’s hairstyle, but instead went for timeless elegance. Emma looked outstanding accepting her award for Mia in La La Land. This loose curl look highlighted Emma’s classic beauty and was spectacular enough to dub her the best hair title for 2017. Keep reading this step-by-step guide to find out more about her style secrets.


Deep part

Emma is famous for her straight locks so when they are curled it looks amazing. Her stylist has done the perfect starting point for her hair, the deep part. So simple to do. Use the end of your comb to ensure a straight parting and follow a straight line from the arch of one of your eyebrows. Not only is this set to be a massive trend of 2017 but it add extra body for naturally straight haired girls. If you are still finding your hair too flat do what the celebrities do and clip in some extensions.


Get that shine

To get that hollywood perfect hair shine Roszak is said to have added alcohol free serum, waited for it to settle then scrunched the undersections with some hair mousse. No-one she is an A-list stylist this is such an incredible hair hack that will help your hair look smooth and sleek on the top and full of body underneath.



If you have super straight hair like Emma curling may be a two step process. Firstly, you will need to blow-drying your hair and add rollers whilst your hair cools. If you have added a good quality serum earlier it will also protect your hair from the heat so no horrible dead ends. Once your hair is cool remove the rollers and move onto the curlers. Curling shouldn’t take too much time as we do not want super tight curls but rather lovely soft curls away from your face. For girls with naturally wavier or dryer hair you may be able to skip step one and simple go straight to the curler, do what suits your hair best. This step may seem like it takes blockbuster time but you will end up looking red carpet gorgeous so it is totally worth it.


The final chignon

Once you have your hair beautifully curled separate a loose curl near your face, the rest of your hair is about to get chignoned.  Roszak gathered Stone’s hair and gently tucked and rolled the ends of her hair towards her head to create a rolled chignon. This looks so 30’s and glamorous across the nape of your neck and screams high end fashion. Securing is super easy, just crisscrossed your hair pins inside the rolls they are both concealed and hold like a jem. Now just hairspray and you too will look worthy of winning an award!


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