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Elton’s 70th Birthday Bash




That’s right Elton John is 70! If you are a 90’s you will love him for giving us the theme song to Lion King “the circle of Life” whatever age you are the talent of this man cannot be denied. He is also famous for his ability to through one hell of a party and his birthday was no exception. Elton and husband David were honoured to accompanied by some amazing friends, many of whom are well known to all of us. Isla Fisher and hubby Sacha Barton Cohan were only two of the star studded event. Keep reading to check out the style of Elton’s most glamorous friends.



Isla Fisher’s firey mane




Have you noticed that looking at this talented makes you smile? She looks so bubbly and knows how to style herself amazingly so that it seems she never gets caught in wind or rain or that bad things can even possibly happen to her. How does she do it? Some of it simply comes down to colour. She has such alabaster skin that it suits her firey locks perfectly and draws your attention. The second is know this and knowing how to work it. She has total knowledge of this so having long thick hair and paired with a lovely hibiscus shade of lippy really makes her the enviously beautiful actress we love to watch.



Icy Lady Gaga




Wow Lady Gaga is more Lady and less cray cray. She has ditched her colourful mane and is back to her ice blonde roots. What’s more she looks amazing with this 40’s film noir inspired style. It is rare to see her without a haud of dancers, tight, barely there outfits and outrageous styling but she looks stunning. We have no doubt that she and her stylists must have been working on this do for a little while, adding extensions for depth, curling and pinning hair and copious amounts of alcohol free hairspray. Even with all of that when you look at this finished style you can’t help but think “totally worth it”. If you haven’t got stylists for and events like Lady Gaga, either leave yourself plenty of time or sleep in your rollers.


Funky Katy Perry




Katy sure has the eye of the tiger and is determine not to be a wall flower with this look. It almost makes me think her and Lady Gaga have swapped stylists. Her funky makeup and angular decorative jewellery suit her funky hairstyle perfectly. We all know Katy doesn’t do anything by halves so the fact she hasn’t just dyed her hair but she has also created this awesome hairstyle too. Long on the top and short on the sides was a massively popular haircut for guys last year and gorgeous gals like Scarlett Johansson and Kirsten Stewart made it their own last year too. This year the girls are taking over with this look and Katy is one of the latest pop stars to make it their own and style it to suit a power babe style.


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