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Easy style for keeping cool

Hasn’t the weekend been warm? It was great seeing people out at barbecues and in parks but there was something I was noticing everywhere. Women were really struggling with their hair. We love to rock full, long and healthy looking locks but with the humidity being so high, it was getting hot and uncomfortable for everyone. Today I want to show you a style that looks great and can help you keep cool and stop your hair going crazy with the humidity. I love wearing this style for a night out and I did wear it to the theatre this weekend but I also wore it to a barbecue  (and got loads of compliments) so it can definitely be dressed down as well. Keep reading this step-by-step tutorial to get this awesome updo for yourself.



Like any look, being well prepared is what ensures success. I have tried this with both first and second-day hair and it works wonderfully but I would definitely say be careful of how much product you already have in your hair it can make your hair harder to weave or stay in place if you have used too much serum. Even though it I warm outside I added my hair extensions simply because it is a braided style. I love it when my braids pop and are Pinterest worthy and I just don’t get that without hair extensions, so create a side part and pop a clip in full set in.


Creating braids

Take a two-inch section of hair on your heavier side of your hair and divide it into three. Create the first row the way you would a normal braid but don’t continue down, you are going to create a lace braid. To do this it all about the way you add strands. I don’t add them from the sides because I like my braids to have a uniform width but add strands to the bottom section instead. Is when you cross over the top, a new section will end up at the bottom and will have strands added. Continue this until you get to your temple than just keep going with the braid without adding any more strands. Tug on the sections so they look full, then secure with a clear hair tie. Going onto the other side we are going to shake things up a bit and do a smaller french braid all the way down, again pulling on the sections before you tie them up. If you have any hairs left in front of your lace braid, you probably will then can create a mini french brain in front of your lace braid.



The Bun

Creating your bun is super quick and easy. Gather the rest of your hair into a low ponytail then, leaving your ends in twist your hair tie and fold it over the base of your pony again so your hair creates a loop. Do that one more time so it is secure and pinch in the loop so it is fanned out and full. All that is left to now is drape your braids over your bun and pin in place for a gorgeous and neck cooling updo.

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