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Easy everyday twisted styles


Twists are a great way to add some intrigue to a style. This is something I definitely fall back on when I am having my heat free weeks. As things get warmer a lot of you may be trying to curb your heat usage. Today I want to show you some of my favourite heat free twisted hairstyles that will keep you looking gorgeous whilst you are going heat free. If you love these looks as much as I do show off your final looks by #wearcliphair.

Style number 1: low twisted ponytail

This style looks so elegant and, amazingly, only takes about 5 minutes. This look is really sleek and stunning, I love this style with long hair, don’t add your Cliphair extensions yet, you will get to do so in a minute. It is super important that your hair is tangle free so make sure you thoroughly brush it and add a little serum if you want a really nice shine. Separate a small amount of hair either side of your temples and loosely join them together near the nape of your neck.

Secure with a clear hair tie and lift out of the way for now. Gather the rest of your hair into a low ponytail near the nape of your neck. I would use a sturdy hair tie at the base of this as you are going to add your Cliphair extensions around it. Don’t worry about covering up the seems as you are going to take the temple sections you put away. Put your index finger and thumb (palm up) in between the sections. Flip your hand upside down, this will cause a twist/loop. Pull your ponytail through your loop and pin it to hold in the back to finish.


Style number 2: twisted pigtails

This is a super cute look that I always get compliments on. It works brilliantly for both mid and long hair and is, of course, heat free. Divide side sections from the arch of your eyebrows to your temples and put these out of the way for now. Divide the rest of your hair at the back in half vertically. When you secure them with thin hair ties, make sure it is only a little above shoulder height. These should look like low pigtails.

Divide your pigtails with your fingers then take the ends and flip them up and through to form a twist. Once you have done this with both pinches the twists a little to give them more body. Now you are going to take the section to the right you set aside and place it in the gap in between the twists of your left pigtail. Wrap the end around the hair tie to conceal it before you pin it in place at the back and repeat with the right pigtail.

You are now finished, enjoy your twisted, heat freestyles!


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