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Dream like ponytail tutorial


Ponytails are usually nothing special but this one is different ladies. I came across it on youtube and I have fallen totally in love with it. It is fantastic to try with your funky coloured Cliphair extensions but still looks elegant and totally stylish. This style has blown me away so much I am so excited to share it with you all! This style will get you noticed for all the right reasons and is a must try in my opinion. It involves so many lovely intricate sections that will look great in photos but I wouldn’t go dancing or to the gym in it. Don’t forget to #wearcliphair to show off your style.



Laying the foundations

I actually used two types of Cliphair hair extensions for this look but if you only have 1 that is totally fine too. I washed my locks and waited for them to dry naturally (my personal preference). Next, I put in a full sext of tape in extensions that colour match my natural hair. If you are not sure of colour I would suggest using the free colour match service, you don’t want to get the wrong colour. Thoroughly brush your hair and spray on some heat protecting spray (serum if you have thicker hair).


Get flowing

Getting a nice shape and texture to your hair is so important for the overall feel curls are great. I wanted to create lots of loose waves so, starting from the nape of my neck, I took half an inch sections of hair and wrapped them around the larger part of my curling iron. I alternated which direction I wrapped the sections around the curling iron to give my hair ore body and make the curls seem more natural. Instead of hairspray at this point add some dry shampoo to help give your curls some texture.


Add some colour

This is the fun part, adding a pop of colour. Pink has been the hottest colour the last year but this looks equally stunning with turquoise or purple. You are not going to add this everywhere but in some choice places so it shines through your hair. The first weft should be placed in a downwards diagonal position next to your temples on both sides. make sure that you have a few rows of the natural rows of your natural colour of hair on top so it is only peeking through and that you tease your roots before you add the extensions. So that it looks the most blended I would make sure you curl your extensions before adding them. Add one more piece at your crown and instead of using a comb to blend using your fingers so you don’t damage your curls.



Gather a section of hair from your centre parting along with your hairline to your temple. Twist the section loosely, pinch and pull it upwards so it still looks full. Pin it on the opposite side then repeat in the other direction. Continue to add a few more coloured extension pieces and create twists. Once you have got mini twists going to the nape of your neck divide the remaining hair in half and create a large twist braid halfway down the length of your hair. Pinch that to make it full and add hairspray to your look then you are done.

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